Our Story

Maylana is a revolutionary brand that presents seamless, reversible, & hand-made swim at affordable pricing.

Mayra Jimenez founded Maylana Swim after 10 years of ecomm experience as a swimwear website owner. The brand grew out of a deep desire to fill a void in the market for quality designer swim at prices that customers could afford.

Together with her husband Ivan Rincon (an engineer at heart and tech-guru-in-chief), she founded Maylana, a play on words of her name combined with her twin girls' names - Mila and Arianna - resulting in MAY (Mayra) LA (Mila) NA (Arianna).

Being a former head buyer provides Mayra with a different perspective on designing. The process of creating does not just entail innovation, but also looking at the creative process through the lens of a consumer. She is obsessed with providing high end swim that is accesible, wearable, and chic.

Maylana believes in challenging the current way designer brands assess value to their pieces, and providing a chic alternative to looking good, without maxing out your credit card. 

Maylana's innovative designs provide a seamless finish to their pieces, and are constructed exclusively for the purpose of enhancing fit. Every print reverses to a solid, so you get two for the price of one.